Melted chocolate tends to find its way into our sweetest and makes dessert appear and taste delicious. A drizzle of melt chocolate can turn fresh fruit into a charming dessert or become the heart of a showstopping cake. There is an easy and safest way to match up proper melt chocolate and having no danger at all of burning your chocolate. Leaving it for just a few seconds too long or unattended can lead to a disastrous, burnt mess. Create a double boiler by bringing a medium pot filled a little less than halfway with water to a simmer. Place your chocolate chips in a heat resistance bowl then you should have a saucepan filled with about one inch of water and place it on a stove on medium-low to medium heat. Place the bowl with the chocolate chips on top of the saucepan.

Let your saucepan heat and when the steam reaches the bowl with the chocolate chips, start to stir your chocolate till it melts silky smooth. The main key to melting chocolate is not to put it on high heat and don’t have much boiling water in your saucepan. Once your chocolate has melted, you can remove it from the saucepan and either drizzle it on your cake or any other dessert you have. Another way to melt your chocolate is by using the microwave, this one is much easier but there is a risk of burning your chocolate. You have to be careful with this, on the first technique of melting the chocolate on a double boiler, it’s much safer because there is no risk of burning your chocolate.

For the microwave, begin by chopping your chocolate, if you are using bar chocolate and place it on a plastic container. Glass containers are likely to retain the heat and may burn your chocolate but the plastic does not retain the heat. After placing the chocolate chips in your plastic container, place it in the microwave and the first step is setting your microwave at 20 seconds exactly. Remove it from the microwave and stir it a little bit then place it in the microwave again for another 15 seconds then remove and stir it once more. At this point, the chocolate will not have melted but will have retained some heat. PLace it in the microwave once again for another 15 seconds for it to melt completely