Let’s say you need a little bit of lemon juice, you usually cut the lemon in half then use a little bit of lemon juice. The other half is left over to put it in the fridge but after a short time, it’s all rotten and dry and dehydrated and just rancid. You don’t really want to use the lemon anymore and ts hard and crunchy, so thee must be a better way to preserve your lemon and still get the juice later. Take your lemon and roll it and then you want to take a sort of pin and just poke it in the bottom of the lemon. Once you have poked your lemon, squeeze all the lemon juice you want and just pour it out in a cup. The great thing is that the lemon has a very small hole so very little oxygen can actually get in there and make it rot. This way, your lemon will stay fresher for a longer time.

Other hacks that will help you in the kitchen;

Strawberry Trick; When cleaning your strawberries, you just want to cut the top but then that ends up with a little bit of flesh. There must be a better way, and there is. Take a straw and you push it unto your strawberry from the tip until it pops off at the top. That way, you have a very little waste on your strawberry and you still have most of the strawberry left over. How great is that.!

Bread Triick; I hate when you have an old bread and its super hard and you can’t use it anymore. That is why you should always keep your bread insue a plastic bag so it stays soft and you can still resuscitate it. If you have a soft but old bread which has nit gone bad, you are going to need some water. Place the bread over a pan and basically pour water over it and then place it in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius for about three minutes. If it’s still soft or it’s not done enough, leave it a bit longer. Once it’s done, pull t out of the oven and it’s crispy again and crunchy just like it was when you bought it.

Egg Peeling trick; Hand peeling an egg can be an annoying and frustrating task but this trick really makes it easier. Take your boiled egg and smash ut at the bottom, smash it on the top and then roll it really hard. By rolling it the shell will basically fall off the egg so it’s super easy to remove the shell. Another great way is to take your egg and then just slice it in half and then take a spoon and scoop it out in one simple and easy movement.