When people first start cooking they tend to want to use a smaller knife, chefs knife tend to have a little better grip and its a lot safer. The first method is going to be dicing. Cut off the tip of the onion then get your onion flat side down so that it’s rolling around. Turn your onion upside down and then you are going to cut it right in the middle and the peel off the skin of the onion. Place your hand in the top of the onion so it’s flat and then cut it horizontally. Once you are done, turn the onion towards you and make cuts across the onion then turn the onion over again and then you will do a nice even rolling slices.

For slicing your onion, you are going to cut the tip and turn it upside down the cut straight down and then peel off the skin. There are two different ways to slice an onion. You are going to slice your onions vertically, this is the best way to prepare onions for any side dish like salad. The other way is to get your onion flat side down then turn the onion towards you then you are going to cut the onions vertically. Next, you can cut your onion into rings. For the onion rings, you will start a little differently. Cut the top of the onion and you are not going to peel the onion. Leave the skin of the onion so you can have something to hold onto.

Cut a little bit off one of the sides kind of the outer layer and the place it on your chopping board. Have your clog ready and start making nice thin rings then a thicker ring. Once you are done making the rings, just kind of press it and make them into individual layers. These are great for making a variety of tasty meals. Guacamole onion rings and onion dip onion rings or you can just freeze them and fry later