A lot of people would want to bake but don’t have an oven to do so but that should not limit you when it comes to baking. To bake in a microwave, the main requirement is that your microwave should have convection. Basically, there are three types of microwave, the first os te plain microwave used just for reheating food, another is microwave with a grill which is also grill food and the third is the microwave grill and convection and you use the convection setting to bake your cake.

To check if your microwave os convection or not, look at the functionality pannel of the microwave and if you see a butt0n that says Conv. or convection then know that you have a microwave which you can bake with. A convection microwave comes with two types of rack, one which is shorter and the other taller. The taller one is used when you have to grill or make pizzas, the shorter rack is used for baking purposes.

To preheat your microwave when baking, pace the short rack inside and click the convectional button, it will ask for the temperature and you can state the temperature using the + or – button. Look at what your recipe calls for and set your temperature to that, once you have set the temperature, press start and the oven will start preheating. Once the oven is preheated, open it and place the cake batter in and set the timer on the function button to the minutes of the bake and it will start to bake.

With the convectional baking, you can be with any shape of the heatproof pans like aluminum, silicon, or glass. When the time is done, the microwave will beep, check if the cake is done with a skewer and if it’s done. If the cake is not done, place it in the oven for a few more minutes at the same temperature and it will finish baking.

The cake will come out soft, beautiful, and golden brown. You can bake anything from cookies to cakes to cupcakes with a convectional microwave. If you are an occasional baker or just starting out and you don’t have an oven but you have this type of an oven then nothing should limit you want it to come to baking your favorite desserts.