This is the easiest Oreo dessert and it only takes 3 minutes. For this recipe you don’t need a stove or an oven, that is how easy it is. Crush 24 Oreo cookies in a blender then pour them into a mixing bowl together with 5 tablespoons of melted butter. The reason you add butter to the crushed Oreos is because that is what is going to help create the crush on the bottom of the cup.

Place the Oreos into your cups then press it down to create a crust then place it into the fridge to let the crust fully set. Pour two cups of the whipped cream into a mixing bowl then using an electric mixer, whip up the cream until it becomes thick and you get soft peaks. Add in crushed Oreos into the whi[ped cream and mix it in.

Make sure you add the Oreos after whipping the cream, if you add it before you will ruin the whipping process. Pour the mixture into a piping bag then squeeze it into the Oreo crust until full. To make the ganache to pour on top, add one cup of chocolate into a medium-sized mixing bowl and one cup of heavy cream.

Heat it in the microwave until it’s melted and combined then whip the chocolate until it thickens. You can alternatively just pour the chocolate on top of the Oreo cream. After whipping until fluffy, dollop the chocolate cream over the Oreo cream then top that with a full Oreo cookie. There are so many different textures in the desert, the perfect combination that will not disappoint. Dig into the Oreo cream and enjoy. Bon appetit.