They take 5 minutes to make and they are the most delicious thing ever put them in a bowl and add a good drizzle of chocolate sauce on top and you won’t be to stop eating this. Into a saucepan add milk you can use any milk of your choice some people use water but it is recommended not to use water unless you want a really crispy dense churro. Put your flame on medium or low. Once the milk comes to boil turn off your stove and add the flour all at once. It is crucial you add the flour all together because your dough will formal within seconds. This is a bit of a work out so make sure you use a good steady spatula or a wooden spoon.

You want to mix it until the dough pulls aside from your pan and you do not see any more dry patches of flour. Take the dough and put it on a stand mixer or a bowl you do not need a stand mixer to make churros. Allow your dough to cool slightly before adding your eggs. If you are making the dough by hand use a wooden spoon and just know it is going to be a work out so be patient. When you add the eggs do not panic if your dough splits it is completely normal but as you continue to mix it, it will come back to normal. At that point add in the second egg and the same thing happens but the dough comes back together again as you continue mixing.

As always scrape down the sides of the dough as you mix it so everything combines nicely and once the egg is incorporated and you have a smooth dough it is done. Transfer the dough into a piping bag with the smallest tip you have the star tip will give you the classic churro shape but if you do not have a piping bag or a star tip you can use a piping bag or a spoon they will have a different shape but they are absolutely delicious.

Make sure your oil is at the right temperature which is around 160C or 320F you do not need a thermometer just make sure your oil is bubbling gently around the edges of your churros and you are good. If whenever you fry your churros the oil explodes this means that water has gotten into your oil so make sure the scissors and the pipping bag you are using are not fresh out of the dishwashers because they properly have water on it and oil and water do not mix. if you are in doubt get someone to help you.

So cook them until golden and transfer to a paper towel. While they are hot toss them into some cinnamon sugar which is just sugar mixed with cinnamon. Transfer them to a bowl and serve them hot. Churros are one of those things that should always be eaten fresh and hot add some chocolate sauce on top if you like and get ready to enjoy some of the most amazing churros ever. They are crunchy and soft and amazing.


  • 250 ml Milk ( 1 cup)
  • 125 grams All Purpose Flour ( 3/4 cup + 1 tbsp)
  • 2 large room temp Eggs
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla