The main thing in making mayonnaise is the emulsification process. This involves adding an egg and oil in a manner that allows it to mix into an emulsion. There are three methods of making mayonnaise. First, we look at the blender method. Get a blender with the hole on top of the lid. Using a whole egg helps in the emulsification process. Add one large egg into the blender and try to use good large pastries eggs. Make sure the blender is sterile and dry. The blender and blender should be cool once you start making mayonnaise. Add into the egg vinegar. Any type of vinegar you like. Add in salt to the egg and vinegar mixture.

Also add dry mastered powder, paprika, canyon pepper. Put a funnel on top of your blender and turn on your blender on high speed. Once the egg and vinegar combine and gets a little creamy on the bottom you can start to drizzle in your oil. Pour the oil in at a steady stream. Concentrate and pour in the oil in gradually and steadily. You will see the mayonnaise start to get creamier and thicker. Add lemon juice in to add lemon and help in the emulsification process. Then keep on adding in the remaining oil. When the mayonnaise is nice and thick the blender sound changes. When done the texture should be very creamy.

If you want a slight bit of sweetness in your mayonnaise you can add a little bit of sugar and a dash of pepper. Put the mayonnaise into a jar and seal it and put it in the fridge. The next method we use the mini processor or small canister blender. Put an egg in ajar, mustard powder, vinegar and a little bit of oil and using your mini processor give it a mix on the high speed until the egg in the oil has mixed. Then add oil and continue to mix till the mixture thickens again. The colour has begun to become lighter add another quarter pot of oil and continue to mix until it starts getting thicker and creamier.

Season with salt, black pepper and add remainder of the oil and continue to mix until it becomes thick. If the oil seems to come to the surface add cool water and you will see the effect. The water helps in the emulsification process as well. Add a little bit of lemon juice for flavour. Transfer the mayonnaise into a cup and store it.

The third method is the immersion blender method. In a jarring crack in one egg, add vinegar, salt, pepper, add a little bit of oil, to begin with, and give it a blend until it thickens and becomes light in colour. Now you can keep adding oil as you keep blending on high speed at high speed. As you do it lower your immersion blender as you add.

Add water at the end to move that oily layer if there is any and you can see the mayonnaise is turning out quite perfectly. Once done it is very thick just like store-bought mayonnaise. You can add sugar to give it a little bit of sweetness. Transfer it in a cup or container for storage and use.