You can replace a heavy breakfast with a healthy smoothie and this simple smoothie consist of bananas, orange and pineapple. You can add more fruits to these ingredients such as mangoes and apples to make it extra thick. One thing I love about this smoothie is that it can satisfy your hunger and keep you full till the next meal this is a meal replacement. You can also freeze the fruits before blending them so that it is cooled once you are done blending.

Have your oranges, over ripped bananas and pineapple. To know is your pineapples are ripe just pull the leave and it comes out easily it is ripped. Slice your clean orange halfway and squeeze the orange juice into a small bowl as much as you can and get all the juice from the orange and you can use as many oranges as you want.

Once you get all the orange juice set it aside and cut your pineapple and peel it using a knife making sure you cut everything out using your knife and then slice the pineapple into a small piece and place them in a bowl. Into the blender add in your orange juice and then peel your over ripped banana and slice it into the blender and blend them together not adding water and then add in your pineapple pieces and blend them together until smooth.

If you want you can add in the ginger, lemon or anything you prefer. Blend the three of them until well blended for about 30 to 45 seconds. Then pour the smoothie into a clean glass and garnish with a piece of pineapple then serve.


  • 1 Pineapple
  • 2 Orange Fruits
  • 3 bananas