Roasted plantains are as close as you can get to an occasional snack, they are a naturally sweet treat masquerading as a side dish. Plantains are part of the banana family. Making the perfect fried plantains requires a little bit of planning by purchasing them in advance and letting them ripen on the counter for several days or even up to a week, depending on what they look like when you purchase them. They can be eaten ripe or unripe and generally starchy. Plantains are often cooked as in ingredient to a main course or as a side.

Ripe plantains can also be eaten raw since their starches are converted to sugars. They contain more starch and less sugar and are used as a vegetable in many savory recipes just like how potatoes are used. Thus, they are often not consumed when raw Bananas on the other hand are traditionally eaten raw because they’re sweet. They have thinner skin and turns yellow when ripe. Fresh plantains though have more vitamin C, A and potassium than bananas.

Frying plantains are super easy, It’s super easy. You’re gonna get out your nonstick skillet. You’ll heat up some vegetable oil in the pan over medium heat. And you cook them in batches, flipping them over once they’re golden brown. As soon as they’re done you let them drain on some paper towels or on a plate and hit them with a dash of salt and you can enjy your side dish.


  • Ripe Plantain
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt


  1. Wash, peel and slice the plantain, add little salt, toss the plantain to ensure that the salt is evenly distributed.
  2. Set your vegetable oil on cooker to heat up.
  3. When heated, add a considerable quantity of the plantain slices to the oil, leaving enough room for the slice to fry evenly.
  4. When the underside of the slices starts to turn golden, flip the slices on their other side.
  5. Fry till a desirable browning is achieved.
  6. Remove it and put in a sieve to drain out the oil.