This is one of my best butter cake, the texture is velvet and it is so easy to make. With the paddle attachment on your mixer, add your butter and cream cheese in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer turn it on and beat it around medium cream it until it is creamy and well mixed. Next, go ahead and measure your sugar and then slowly and gradually add the sugar until it is all in and when it is all in scrape the sides down and beat it a little more until fluffy so add in your sugar in there and continue mixing it in until all is in.

Scrape the sides on and then turn your mixer back on and beat it until it is nice and fluffy.  Next, add in your eggs one at a time just beat it in after each addition until you can no longer see it and then add in the next egg. Keep doing this until all the eggs are in and then scrape the sides and turn on low it should be super light and fluffy. Then add in your flour mixture a little at a time making sure it is all mixed in before you add in the next bit to ensure it is airy.

After all the flour is added in add in vanilla extract and continue mixing it in you can add as much as you want. Next, add salt in because it helps to bring in everything. Now that it is mixed scrape the sides and mix it in for a second to make sure everything is well mixed. Grease your pan and your oven should be preheated to 325F and now pour your batter into the pan and then spread the top evenly.

Bake it in a 325 Fahrenheit oven for about an hour and 45 minutes and let it cook for 1 hour and after every 10 minutes to 45 minutes keep checking and if it starts to be too brown on top put a foil on top to prevent it from browning. After it has baked well take it out of the oven and taste it using a toothpick to see if it is cooked. Let the cake cool before serving warm.


  • 3 Cups (360 grams) all-purpose flour( Sifted)
  • 3 cups (675 grams) of sugar
  • 1 cup (227 grams) softened butter
  • 8 ounces (225 grams) cream cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla extract
  • A pinch of salt