During the mango season, you can make mango ice cream very easily, you do not need eggs or ice cream maker for this recipe just use mangoes, cream, and condensed milk. To begin you need mangoes and after extracting just puree from it you will need fresh whipped cream and condensed milk. First, pour your cream to a mixing bowl and whip it using a hand mixer until you get the needed consistency which is perfectly thick. And make sure the cream is chilled if not you can always add ice in a bowl and put the cream there for sometimes to be cold.

Now add in the condensed milk you do not need to add sugar because the condensed milk itself is very sweet but if you really love sugar feel free to add some powdered sugar. Mix well using a hand mixer use a spatula to scrape the bowl to make sure it is well mixed when they are all well mixed keep it in the fridge and meanwhile prepare the mango puree.

Peel the mangoes using a knife and cut it to the blender removing the seed. Blend them to make the puree and put chunks of mangoes aside so that you can add them when making the ice cream. Take out your cream mixture from the fridge and to it add in vanilla essence it is optional. Then add in your mango puree to the cream mixture using a spatula fold it in then you can add yellow food coloring to the mixture if you feel the color is insufficient then mix it up using a hand mixer.

When done use a spatula to fold it in and scrape the bowl to make sure everything is well mixed. Then transfer your ice cream to an airtight container using a spatula, then add in the mango chunks and mix well using a spoon then close the lid and freeze it for at least 6 hours. In every hour stir very well with a fork to avoid the formation of crystals. After 6 hours serve it using your ice cream scoop and enjoy it.


  • Whipped Cream 500 ml
  • Mango 1 KG (or 800 grams mango puree)
  • 1 tin condensed milk