If you are looking for an inexpensive, quick brunch for yourself or your kids, then you should try this egg in a hole. Unsalted butter, a thick slice of really good white or whole wheat country bread, and eggs is all you need for this utterly perfect meal. Egg in a hole is also great for breakfast, for lunch brunch or light dinner. It is really delicious and easy, you literally going to need just a couple of ingredients which you have. You will need some sliced white bread but you can also use white bread, eggs, butter, salt, and pepper. Place your skillet over medium heat and add some butter then let it melt.

You are going to cook this egg in a hole over medium-low heat because you want it to cook nice and gently. Take a slice of bread and using a biscuit cutter or a glass upside down, just cut out the middle of the bread. Don’t throw away the cut bread because you are going to cook it along with the toast. When your butter has melted and the skillet is at the right temperature, place the cut piece of bread and make sure it is nicely coated with butter. Crack your egg right in the middle of the bread with the hole, season it with salt and pepper then let it cook for about a minute and a half. Flip it and let it cook for a minute on the other side.


  • Bread, sliced
  • Butter
  • Egg
  • Salt and pepper


  1. With a biscuit cutter or sharp knife, cut a hole in the center of the slice of bread.
  2. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet over medium-low heat.
  3. Place the bread in the skillet and crack the egg straight into the center of the hole.
  4. Throw the little hole in the skillet, too, to soak up any extra butter.
  5. Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. After about a minute, when the white starts to set up, flip bread and egg over with a spatula and cook briefly so the yolk stays runny.